Simply Oarsome is proud to offer a large range of quality fabrics, the vast majority of which are made in Australia.  The following fabrics are options in our online design facility, each with their own color palette:


This fabric has been developed to encapsulate the feel of cotton but has polyester added to give durability and softness.  It is very breathable and comfortable, perfect for those who don’t want the “slinky” feel or look of some of the other fabrics.  It has a very large color range.


This is the fabric that wicks best, for those who want their fabric to dry quickly.  It is also hard wearing and is the only fabric for sublimation printing, allowing intricate designs and perfect color matching.  Available in a smaller stock color range.


Has a soft cottony feel to it but dries  faster than poly cotton lycra.  It has excellent color fastness.  It also launders really well, for those who frequently wash and tumble dry their rowing suits.  Available in a smaller color range.


This is the fabric that most people think of when they hear the word lycra.   It is the shiny lycra fabric (though also available in matt) traditionally used for swimwear, etc.  It has an enormous color range – many more than shown on our stock color palette.  For those who like the shiny look!  If you want a different color to what is shown on the palette, let us know – chances are we can order it in.

***For those rowing clubs,schools or universities that require unusual colors, that can’t be found in our stock color range, we are able to custom dye any of the above fabrics to your shade.  Minimums apply.